We are a consulting firm focused on supporting IT and digital, cyber risk and cybersecurity strategy and management for leading companies in Latin America.

Since our beginning in 2011, we have had the purpose to increase the value and performance of our clients’ businesses, generating a positive and quantifiable impact as a result of the work we perform together.

Our goal is not to restructure technology areas to a predefined model, but to work side by side with leadership teams of our clients to develop a technology and digital strategy that is adaptable to the changing global environment of technology. We help our clients define and develop strategies to enable and grow their businesses.

Also, we have as goal to help our clients understand and learn how to manage cyber risk and cybersecurity programs in an improved proactive manner in a constantly complex and challenging environment.



C&S was founded in 2011 by Olga Botero, former CIO of one of Latin America’s main financial groups.


With high experience in technology and strategy, C&S begins to take on projects with clients in the region.


C&S’s first big project was to support one of Peru’s main banks in the planning of a new technology strategy aligned to it’s business strategy.


In 2011, C&S partnered with BCG, Boston Consulting Group, with whom C&S continues to work today on projects of technology and cybersecurity strategy and management.


In 2018, a new service portfolio is launched for the management and maturity assessment of cyber risk and cybersecurity, a topic in which C&S has great knowledge.

Olga Botero

Olga Botero

Manager & Founding Partner

Juanita Duque

Juanita Duque

Partner & Cybersecurity Portfolio Leader

Sara Velasquez

Sara Velasquez


Maritza Arboleda

Maritza Arboleda

Executive Assistant


Our relationship with our clients is based on fundamental values:


Our vision and our opinions are always objective, independent and oriented towards better results.


We understand that trust from our clients is based mainly on strictly following confidentiality and ethical principles.


We obsessively thrive to reach the highest levels of excellence in all that we do.


We execute our work with discipline and care. We seek to be always updated in our knowledge of topics we work on.


We work with our clients and our partner network as a team, ensuring transfer of knowledge and collaboration in the search of better results.


We ensure that our solutions are easily adaptable to our customers’ environments.

We add value to our clients by being part of a broad and recognized partner network, with whom we rely to generate the greatest possible impact:

BCG – The Boston Consulting Group:

Global Consulting firm and the principal adviser in business strategy world wide. It was funded in 1963 with presence in more than 70 countries.

SBI - Investment Banking:

Boutique Colombian investment firm founded in 1996 and focused on provide consulting in Mergers & Acquisitions of Enterprises and on Corporate Finance.

Focus S.A:

Boutique Consulting Firm founded in Colombia and focused on Applied Business Architecture.