“In EPM we have been working jointly with C&S since 2016 with an important scope, as we have bee revising all our technology business with support from C&S. The strategy, architecture, operating model, structure, and new topics such as security and advanced data analytics and digital transformation. It has been a very valuable experience for the organization, as we have been able to revitalize the visibility of technology in our strategy and general process with support from C&S, defining a new North duly coupled to the new organizational challenges, as well as the macro tendencies that mark the lines of action in the world. It’s a service with high specialization and that does not stop being a process of careful listening of our realities and challenges, through the direct involvement that makes the firm makes with our company. We are very satisfied and optimist with the new direction that we are giving technology in the group, thanks to the valuable contribution that C&S grants us.”
- Ricardo Jose Arango, VP of Technology and Human Resources